Bon Anniversaire a Moi

Found this baby picture in a box, and since I haven’t been photographing all too well lately, I thought this to be an acceptable substitute for a birthday photo. The best part about today? Jello cake. It’s my favorite.

8 thoughts on “Bon Anniversaire a Moi

  1. happy day to you! jello cake – yum – i haven’t had that in years. i think i’m making a request for my bday! and i can totally see the resemblance in that photo!

  2. So cute…and you ALWAYS photograph well, you silly girl! The jello cake is in the fridge 🙂Happy Birthday! love, mom

  3. Happy Birthday. Madi and I went to GoodWill today. She found a small frame with a music sheet border and a saying about music. She wanted to get it to remind her of you! Although she did not finish our her year, you made a good impression on her! Thank you and we miss you!

  4. Hey girl, did not get over here yesterday but belated birthday wishes for your blog. Did you get our beautiful serenading and excellent e-cards yesterday. I thought of you all day! Hope you had a GREAT one.You are just as cute now as you were then. (Actually, you have much better teeth now 😉xo

  5. Happy Birthday Lady-o! I meant to call you yesterday, but the day went too fast (what with being Pioneer Day and all). Love you! Hope the Jell-o Cake was delicious!

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