A Bit of Blockage

Just a quick update, as I’m having some new-town-induced writer’s block. I made it to Omaha safely, and I haven’t had a chance yet to see many of my Omaha friends. But we had a family reunion, which was ab fab, and I’m hoping to touch base with familiar faces in the next couple of weeks.

My apartment isn’t quite put together, but it no longer looks like a tornado hit it, and I have only four small boxes left to unpack, one pantry to put together, and a loveseat to be delivered.

Teacher meetings start in two weeks, parents of potential piano students are beating down my door, and tomorrow I will get all the curriculum materials I’ll need to start planning and organizing the school year.

Not much else to say right now…other than moving is hard, and it sucks, but I know I’ll feel better about it soon.

3 thoughts on “A Bit of Blockage

  1. Yep! I moved back to NE. I’m in Papillion, in Jennie’s ward even. I’m teaching English at West. For more money now. 🙂

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