5 thoughts on “Quirks

  1. LOL I was looking at the assortment of Burts Bees lipglosses today wondering if you had any. I did not know about your pen obsession though.I think we as a family suffer from one, judging from all the gajillions of pens I have come upon in decluttering efforts yet never when I need to write a phone number down.Isn’t moving fun?!

  2. De-lurking to laugh! I have the same obsessions… 🙂 I think it runs in my genes though, my dad collects pens and watches. I (and my sis too!) collect lip gloss and pens (watches, not so much) and shoes! You can’t forget the shoes!!!p.s. Good luck with your move. I don’t enjoy moving, but I do like the fact it forces me to declutter! 🙂

  3. Kirsty–I tried Burt’s Bees once, and it wasn’t glossy enough for me. Go figure.Arbee–welcome! Glad to know I”m not alone…

  4. I love my burts lip gloss – the skinny size and bit of color.“watching” you pack makes me sad – as if you were moving away from utah! silly – you’ll be just as close as before to me – blogging distance. and it’ll be so fun to have you teaching again – and this time i’ll be in high school “with” you.

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