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  1. I think it’s cool. Isn’t that insightful? At first I thought, must be nice to be independently wealthy and do nothing but travel and dance, but then I realized that a company had sponsored him. So then I decided to just take it for what it was worth…some things we all have in common—like being human.

  2. My thoughts: 1. Did his parents use the Beach Boys’ “I Get Around” as a lullaby? (Where did the idea come from?) 2. So You Think You Can Dance? 3. Money to travel like that…oh…a sponsor… 4. How fun!mom

  3. 1. It made me wonder if he had superimposed himself into all those places.2.When I realised he had not it made me smile3.Then it made me cry at all the South Africa spots.4.What I would not give for his passport!!!!!5.I love stuff that celebrates the joy of being alive, for no better reason then that. I LOVED it 🙂6.Thanks for posting it. I miss you!!!

  4. Jenn–I think it was the commonality that made this short so endearing.Mom–only you would bring the Beach Boys into this 🙂Kirsty–I cried too! Can’t figure out why, but I did! And how can you miss me? I live half a mile away from you.Strubb–you are welcome!

  5. I absolutely love it !….joyful, carefree, poignant, beautiful, colorful….….manomanoman, people are grand !lol at the DMZ

  6. ps…….As much as anything, it’s the music.Listening to this several times with my earbuds snug…the subtle laughter, talking and beautiful music are indescribable.

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