One Month

Exactly one month from today, I will be:

**Halfway to 70

**A tetrahedral number

**The Interstate that runs from Minnesota to Texas

**Eligible to run for president

**A high-risk pregnancy (I’m not pregnant, calm down.)

**The atomic number of bromine

Where did the time go? I still feel the age I was when this movie came out. In 1992.

I feel like I haven’t done enough, and that mortality is running out. So, question: to celebrate this age milestone, should I start looking ahead and prepare to attend this conference? A mentor is presenting at it, and one of the research projects I’ve been involved in while at grad school might also do a presentation. Whaddya think?

6 thoughts on “One Month

  1. Happy Birthday next month….since your “crafty side” is on display, go ahead and make an elaborate Birthday card…sign it “Mike”. While your at it, make nice necklace and wrap it in a Tiffany box…also from “Mike”.Nonono, no need to send a Thank You card.

  2. Holy crap I am sitting in my tiny closet (haven’t found the wireless router yet, hence the closet is where I have internet) laughing my hiney off.In 3 weeks, dude, we rock Omaha…can NOT wait to watch that movie again with you. I could not be fooling you less.Oh…and since Mike stole my idea for your birthday gift, go to my website and order something for your new place…I’ll bring it up. But you won’t get it until I see the Singles DVD in your hand…after you flaking last Christmas, that’s how it’s gotta be. LOVE YOU!

  3. Mike–thanks for the lovely gift! Jenn–the movie is Singles, and it is one of my most favorite movies ever. EVER. And I’m about 80% sure I’m gonna go to the conference. Never been to Europe…it might be fun!Deanne–I promise to bring it, inasmuch as ALL MY DVDs WILL BE IN OMAHA since I’m moving there. Though you will be nowhere near my neighborhood…

  4. That movie Rocks! I have the soundtrack. I was in love with Eddie back in 1992.I think you should run for President, then I know who to vote for! (and no, It would be you, not the other guy)

  5. Tiffany–I’m so glad you know that movie!!! Too few people in this world have seen it.And thanks for your vote! 🙂

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