She’s Crafty!

I’m usually not a crafty person–I leave that to my much more talented mom and sisters. But this week, I’ve done so many crafts, that I very well may be Martha Stewart’s long-lost daughter. I even took pictures!

Craft #1: Painting picture frames. Hobby Lobby had frames for cheaps this week, so I picked up a couple, painted them black, and I’ll use them for my Mary Engelbreit prints, like this one:

Craft #2: Clay bead jewelry. A friend at church taught us how to make clay bead jewelry. It’s totally easy, and fun, and a little therapeutic to manipulate the clay.

Craft #3: Card-making with Kirsty. I took my Cricut machine and various supplies to her house on Thursday, and we made cards for a couple of hours. These are just a sampling…I didn’t have my camera there with me, so I have no pics of the cards Kirsty and her kids made. They were equally cute, though!

Next week’s crafts? Probably a little scrapbooking and some cardmaking…or maybe I should keep going through stuff and start packing….


  1. Great stuff! You are no less talented than the rest of us…you have just been busy doing other things. And not crafty or talented? Have you not looked at any of the scrapbooking you’ve completed for yourself and others? HA!!! Looking forward to some crafting with you soon! love, mom



  2. I’ve never made a card in my life. And I’ve never been to a scrapping party. But I painted baseboards today, and I feel very proud of myself–it’s my first time!



  3. I too have always considered you a crafty girl. You can out-bead and out-card me any day of the week. I was feeling all “WHAT Hobby Lobby had cheap frames and nobody TOLD me??” then I realized that I have no wall space on which to hang cheap frames and several frames already waiting to be hung. Your prints turned out very cute! You left out that you made a pumpkin chocolate cheesecake. This is not strictly crafty, more of an art, what with the swirls and such.



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