What Will I Watch Sunday Mornings?

Late this afternoon, and email from my journalism listserv arrived, letting us know that Tim Russert had died. I thought it was a joke.

CNN confirmed my colleague’s email, and I was instantly sad. I’m not sure why…could be because I love Meet the Press, could be because it was so sudden, could be because he’s around my parents’ age, and people that age are not supposed to just drop dead.

I read CNN’s account of Russert’s passing, and I have to say, what a way to go. Just back from a family trip to Italy. Hard at work, I’m sure prepping Sunday’s show. I’ve often said that I love teaching so much, that I’ll never retire, and instead I just want to drop dead at the front of a classroom, mid-lecture. Just take me doing what I love.

As a complete non sequitur, any ideas on how to get rid of crickets? Pretty sure I’m not going to get any sleep tonight since I can’t find the cricket that is currently screaming at me.

3 thoughts on “What Will I Watch Sunday Mornings?

  1. Yeah, I re-read it twice when I saw the headline twice last night that Russert had died. That’s too bad.Crickets serenading you? No idea.

  2. i too found myself a bit choked up and wanting to doubt. i loved him – even though i was never a fan like you – when he was a commentator on the today show i paid attention. he was someone i felt like i could trust.

  3. But think how traumatic that would be for the students! How about dying in front of an episode of the Gilmore Girls? That way no one suffers. I didn’t watch him much but he was a familiar face and it is always so jarring when a familiar face is gone.I can’t help you with the cricket. Earplugs? I have some from the plane-my sister claims those are the best type if you like. Google it! Do you know that some people buy noise machines with recordings of crickets in order to help them sleep. So just shift your paradigm a bit. 😉The Julie Show was awesome today btw 🙂k

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