Old Things

Offering an insight to my brain during classes. I meant to post these during the school year but never got around to it.

This first one was a bumper sticker I designed for my friend Laura during a painful discussion about something that had to do with the Internet.

This one reflects how I felt during the discussion. It started out as a tree and ended up as an homage to “The Scream.”

This last one was in response to a classmate’s book review. She read a book about children’s programming in Britain, and quoted the book’s contention that children were considered “maternal appendages.”

3 thoughts on “Old Things

  1. Brilliant! I love the Maternal Appendages…that’s about what I looked like this week…except the “waaah”s were coming from ME. HA! You should contact a gallery for a private show! “Grad School Impressionism: A Journey in Doodles”

  2. Maternal Appendages is awesome!I’m a life-long doodler. In class, in church, at work, wherever there’s a pen and a little paper really.

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