Story Problem

Q. If Julie fails to read the box of Crystal Light to-go packets and purchases the product that not only has B vitamins but also 60 milligrams of caffeine, and then drinks 20 ounces of said drink between the hours of 5 and 8 PM, how many episodes of Gilmore Girls will it take her to fall asleep, and approximately what time will that happen?

5 thoughts on “Story Problem

  1. I agree with Jennifer. All of them…No sleep. Didn’t you read your earlier post about always reading the label? 🙂 love, mom

  2. Nice try…It took 4 eps of Gilmore Girls, Letterman, The Daily Show, and JAG (what an awesomely bad show!). I nodded off sometime around 5:30 AM.Although I could have just stayed in bed instead of hitting the couch at 2:30 AM and it would have taken 12 GG eps.

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