This American Life

I am an NPR fangirl.

I remember the exact moment that I started listening to NPR. It was around 6 PM on January 16, 1991. I was driving home from my boyfriend’s house, scared of two things: The Superbowl and the war that had just started. The boy and I had been watching footage on the evening news, and I wasn’t surprised when I was summoned home earlier than expected. It was a 20 minute drive from the boyfriend’s house to the Air Force Base where we lived, and NPR felt like a lifeline during that drive. From that day on, I was hooked. Maybe that was the same moment that I shed the political skin of my father and wriggled into my own.

In the 17 years since, I have nurtured an addiction to shows like Prairie Home Companion, Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me, and This American Life. So controlling is this addiction, that on May 1, when This American Life aired a live broadcast to theatres across the country, I accompanied some friends to view the 2 hour broadcast. It was lovely, and almost made me subscribe to Showtime so I could watch their second season. Here is a sample from that show. Watch it, it’s worth it.

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  1. What happened to the tulips?!? I do like the sleek look of this layout, I’ll just miss the bright happy tulips…NPR always reminds me of Omaha…we’d listen to it in the morning when getting ready for work back when my Mr worked normal people hours….ah the memories…

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