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I’m rewatching Alias–one of my favorite shows of all time. Besides the super-spy, action storylines and Michael Vartan, I love this show for the way it uses music. I think now we are used to popular music infused in our TV programs, but when Alias began in 2000, it wasn’t common practice.

I was watching Alias season 3 this morning and heard a song that was just so lovely that I had to track it down and I think I’ve found someone pretty cool. Here’s a link to try out Rosie Thomas. She’s been around a while, and I admit I am a little slow on the uptake when it comes to music. But I’m just happy to have found her at all.

2 thoughts on “Latest Discovery

  1. LOL I had not even checked your blog when we had our Alias fanclub discussion this afternoon! Soooo heart Michael Vartan. Hotty of all hotties. Loooooooove him.You are so right about the music, I had not realised it, but there wasn’t a whole bunch of current/popular music being used before then. Grays Anatomy does it a lot now too. I remember being particularly struck by the song playing when she was sitting in the bath at the beginning of the series after her fiance was killed. I seem to remember that it was “Women’s Work” by Kate Bush? Was it? You know how we love that song! Anyway, it made that scene so much more haunting and memorable. I need to check out the series from the Julie DVD libary 🙂

  2. Great minds think alike, Kirsty. He is hotty of all hotties. And yes, the song in the pilot is “This Woman’s Work” by Kate Bush. You would love that song, you doula, you. You can borrow the series anytime!

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