A Perfect Moment

Sandwiched between being tortured by my trainer and the Tuesday night class that fills me with dread, I received a phone call from Iowa.

Who do I know in Iowa? I thought as I answered, and the voice on the other end was not immediately recognizable.

“Do you know who this is?” he asked.

My brain quickly searched its databases and found a match. The caller was a former student of mine who graduated three years ago. We’ve stayed in touch in the past couple of years, as he is a performer and keeps me posted on roles he is up for and performances he hopes I can attend. Sadly, my schedule has not cooperated with his frequent performances, so I haven’t had a chance to see him perform with all his collegiate skill and training.

He listed off his recent accomplishments and his upcoming slate of events, which include singing with a symphony orchestra and acceptance to a prestigious summer performance academy (where he will play the lead in the musical). I was so happy for him, so glad that he was living his dream of performing and making it work. I told him how proud I was of him, and was set to end the conversation when he interrupted me.

“I wanted to tell you all my news for a reason. Because none of this would have happened if you hadn’t been my teacher. You taught me how to act, and if I hadn’t taken your class in high school, there’s no way I would have these opportunities.”

I want to bottle that moment: the way I felt, his sincere expression of thanks, the gratitude that overwhelmed me when I realized how lucky I’ve been to be a teacher. Everything about it was so perfect, and perfectly timed.

Sometimes, in this semi-ivory tower, my reasons for going back to teaching dim a little bit, and I wonder if I shouldn’t listen to the people who are still pushing me toward a PhD. And not that I’m much of a sign-seeker (anymore), but it sure was nice to get that reminder today. Perfect, perfect moment.

6 thoughts on “A Perfect Moment

  1. I’ve always said you were an awesome teacher! I’m glad you got some feedback from your students… keep that in mind when you’re making decisions. It’s your calling. :o) I would have LOVED to have you as a teacher.

  2. Ok first. You know I am the frickin’ highlight of your week.And if you would not persist in your low reactiveness then perhaps I would not have to torture you as much.Second, that is awesome. Perfect moment for sure. Well deserved for sure. Yay you!Ok and third, our friendship is hereby ended for you having put me in the same category with your evil evil Tuesday night class. OVAH I say.And you cannot even buy me back with baked goods as swimsuit season is approaching. TWENTY MORE SECONDS YOU ONLY HAVE TWENTY MORE SECONDSSignedGillian

  3. PS: You could maybe perhaps save the friendship if you told me that you really really hurt everywhere today. Particularly in your super humanly strong lower abs.

  4. Thanks, Mom and Jennie!Kristin–I would have loved to have you as a student! I sure miss you…Kirsty AKA Jillian: you know I love you. And my butt hurts.

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