Soul Mate

Those of you who know me well know of my adoration, nay, lust for, nay, worship of John Krasinski. He is most famous for his role of Jim Halpert on the brilliant NBC show “The Office.” In case you’ve never seen him before, here’s a photo:

This isn’t the first post I’ve dedicated to Krasinski-worship, either: Yum.

And this nugget from has me convinced that if I believed in soul mates, he’d be The One:

John Krasinksi imagines his alternate-universe life as a teacher

I go by Mr. K. I’m teaching English at a prep school in rural Connecticut. In my class, homework is not homework, it’s preparation for the next day. I love teaching books that have been pigeonholed as ”epics,” and my big thing is discovering for yourself why you like them. I’d have a lot of stuff written in some cryptic way on the whiteboard where you can’t understand it until we start talking about the book. I’d throw desk supplies off bridges… I’ve gone out on several dates with the bio teacher. Her name is Sarah, and she’s just a really great girl. I’m more gregarious than she is; she brings me into the underground indie-world stuff and I bring her sonnets. It’s weird because the kids are talking about this new show called The Office and they’re like, ”You guys are so much like Pam and Jim!” and I’m like, ”I don’t have a TV. Sorry, I’m not into pop culture stuff.”

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  1. Rolled my eyes years ago when I heard NBC was attempting to recreate Ricky Gervais’ The Office. How pleasantly surprised I’ve been by the US version. While not my “Super Hero”…”Jim” and his 10 degree head movement to look squarely at the “documentary film crew” on occasion is brilliant. …chuckle

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