The past two years, I have immersed myself in the field of cultural studies. This field draws on theories from literature, anthropology, communications, history, and philosophy in attempts to analyze and understand issues of production and representation in mass media texts.

I’ve worked on that statement as a go-to defense for when I return to teaching and encounter criticism for earning an M.A. in Popular Culture. I share it here as a preface to today’s topic: Church Advertising. Part of me sees it for the true missionary effort that it is.

But the cultural studies scholar side of me can’t help but unpack the images, the texts, the fact that the paper carrying the story is owned by the church, the comments from an advertising expert talking about numbers and focus groups…it’s all making my head explode a little bit.

I know at its core, at its basest level, the intent of the ad campaign is to bring others to Christ. I know that, and have to believe that, or else the 18 months I spent in the freezing cold of Montreal end up being a colossal waste of time. So I suppose I just cling to that knowledge, and take off my cultural studies hat for a moment?

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