I’m taking a music class that I have a hard time with, for reasons that I won’t post in the blogosphere, but last night we watched a superb documentary titled The Punks Are Alright. The director came to our university and attended the screening, and stayed for a Q&A after the film. As far as I know, it’s not available on DVD, but he is willing to send DVDs for screenings, so if you have the resources to set up a screening, do it!

So with music on the brain, and with the music I listen to usually under attack in this class, I’m sharing this. What do you think of EW’s list? Any omissions? Anyone on the list who shouldn’t be? I must admit, that the newbies are unfamiliar to me, but I listen to the last five or six regularly.

**Notice that the photo of Conor Oberst is in my fave park in Omaha. Sigh…’twas nice to see the Omaha skyline behind his adorable head…

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  1. I could go out tonight…but I haven’t got a thing to wear…I love me some Smiths…or Morrissey. Mox nix…both amazing and wonderfully nostalgic

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