6 thoughts on “My Anger is Justified

  1. Maybe you should move to Arizona.I’m actually surprised Gore hasn’t in some way linked DST to “global warming” (in quotes because it is a fictional plot)

  2. I have a friend who has been in Hawaii this past week for work and gets back on Sunday. He was having a hard time adjusting in Hawaii…I’m so not sorry for him even though he’ll have DST and Jetlag to get over.

  3. It really is the most retarded system, literally-doesn’t it stem from before their was electricity and everyone farmed or something? When are they going to ditch it. I don’t know anyone who thinks it is groovy. It’s like the tenacious refusal to convert to the metric system. The American powers that be are stubborn little gits aren’t they?I just thought of something. Maybe there is nobody responsible for it. There is no time-changing commission or branch of congress or whatever, so everyone is wishing someone else would take care of it already. That must be it. Only logical explanation.Your title made me LOL. That should be the name of my blog.

  4. Good heavens, I spelled “there”, “their”. I should be shot at dawn. Apologies for sullying your blog in this way.

  5. Deanne–you’re hilarious.Sherpa–anyone who goes to Hawaii in the winter gets no pity from me. If our current storm holds, this week’s total will be 15 inches!Kirsty–the American hegemony is an awful, awful thing. It makes intelligent foreigners confuse the spellings of common words.

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