For My Nephews

I watched Singin In The Rain today, and while my favorite number is not the eponymous tune itself (I like the Moses one), I wanted to post this mash-up of sorts for my Texas nephews.

Since their mother is a classic movie freak, and their father is a science-fiction freak, this is the Reeses Peanut Butter Cup of film clips for those boys.

4 thoughts on “For My Nephews

  1. From the Nephews:“I loved it! That was hilarious!”The laser umbrella and the emperor lightning hands were the favorites.

  2. My boys have probably never seen a classic film in their lives, unless you count Star Wars movies of course…Yet, they were cracking up and saying “That’s hilarious!!!”. So was I!–Jennifer

  3. Another viewer noted: “There IS a ‘Singin in the Rain’/’Star Wars’ link, though: Debbie Reynolds is in this film, and she is the mom of Carrie Fisher, who of course plays Princess Leia.” Fascinating. -Scott

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