I have nothing more to say. I have written 55 pages of my thesis (with 1 inch margins, mind you, so in true MLA format with 1.25 inch margins, it’s really close to 60 pages) and I have hit a wall.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I need to turn in as close to a final draft as I can by Thursday. The absolute final product isn’t due until March 24–this draft is just for my committee to make a round of revisions. But the thesis that gets turned in on March 24 needs to be 80 pages, and I right now I am 25 pages short.

Common sense says to take a break from it (I did stop looking at it around 2 this afternoon), but I’m so panicked about it that I’m going one of two directions.

DIRECTION ONE: Look at it anyway and stress over the fact that I can’t figure out what is missing and what needs to be added.

DIRECTION TWO: Go into denial, watch TV, and find gems like these online.

I’ve been doing a lot of Direction 2 today.

4 thoughts on “Stuck

  1. I feel your pain – right now I’m following direction 2…although I’m not writing a thesis, just studying for the CPA exam. Probably a lot less painful than writing a thesis, but still not fun at all.Keep up your hard work! You can do it!!! (fill in any other words of encouragement…) 😀

  2. Stick with option 2 – you’ll get more inspiration for writing. Hey – it’s only Tuesday. Thursday is worlds away, right? 🙂 And yes, I have always been queen-o-procrastinating.

  3. Julie, Julie, Julie….What can I say? Option 2 works extraordinarily well for me. Let your subconscious brain do the work I say…veg out tonight, go to sleep early, sleep in, and when you wake up you shall find that 25 pages will simply flow from your fingertips. AT least I hope for your sake that they do!!!!–Jennifer

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