Last Call

I really had intended on giving week-by-week suggestions of movies to watch during TCM’s 31 Days of Oscar. But I only did it once, and lest you think it’s because it wasn’t on my mind, right now I have about 5 movies on my TiVo, taunting me with yellow exclamation marks, screaming “WATCH US NOW!!!”

As I’ve come down with the plague that has afflicted many of my colleagues and students, I spent last night and today after church trying to catch up, but I only got through The Great Escape (LOVE IT!).

But tomorrow starts the final week of 31 Days of Oscar, and since Spring Break starts March 3 (and my thesis is due this Thursday), I’m going to TiVo as many of the following films that my TiVo will allow. If you are so inclined, these are the films I suggest to you. It’s a slow start to the week, but it sure does finish strong…

Wednesday, February 27
2:30 PM–Mutiny on the Bounty (from 1932–I’ve seen the 1967 version already)
12:00 AM–Seven Samurai

Thursday, February 28
11:00 AM–The Philadelphia Story
1:00 PM–High Society (Philly Story set to music)
4:45 PM–Fiddler on the Roof
10:15 PM–Dr. Zhivago
4:00 AM–Summer and Smoke

Friday, February 296:15 PM–12 Angry Men
10:30 PM–Three Days of the Condor

Saturday, March 1
11 AM–Singin in the Rain
5:30 PM–All About Eve
1:15 AM–Children of a Lesser God

And WOW to Sunday, March 2 lineup:
9 AM–Ben Hur
1 PM–Lawrence of Arabia
5 PM–Bridge on the River Kwai
8 PM–Maverick
1 AM–A Few Good Men

6 thoughts on “Last Call

  1. I am sorry to hear that you too have the plaque. It is a terrible terrible thing.Speaking of terrible things My dad loved the movie Bridge on the River Kwai, I still can remember the whistling scene that song still won’t leave my head!!!

  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I now wish I had cable. I guess I’ll just have to watch Philly Story and High Society this weekend on my DVD player…they are both in my top 10 faves of all time.

  3. How are you doing? I’m somewhat plaguey here myself therefore was unable to find a suitable moment between coughing fits to call. I hope you are hanging inopch.xo

  4. Koala–I’ve never seen Bridge, so I’m excited to see it!Deanne–I thought you might be a little jealous…Sherpa–thanks for the sympathies. Now if I can just get some strength back…Kirsty–I’m so sorry you got it!!! I’m okay. Feverish and achy, but okay. The popsicles have been a blessing!

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