V-D Day

A friend of mine, 18 years ago, gave me a Valentine’s Day card. He didn’t write much on the inside, other than “Happy V-D Day.” He shared my cynicism of the holiday, and ever since, I can’t help but call Valentine’s Day V-D Day.

I think it is generally accepted that Valentine’s Day, as we celebrate it, is a monetary conspiracy between the floral, candy, and greeting card industries. And I really do believe that it is totally socially constructed.

I was thinking about Valentine’s Days past, trying to remember if I’ve ever had a good Valentine’s Day. Part of the problem with the day is its proximity to the Super Bowl, and since all my boyfriends broke up with me days prior to V-D Day, I’ve never really had an eventful one. I’m not upset about it. After all, I’m really taking a stand against ‘The Man’ by not getting all worked up about the lack of flowers, candy, cards.

Two funny events about yesterday, though…I went to Kroger at 8 PM. The line at the floral counter was 5 deep. And I just laughed. At least being single, I’m not dating a guy who waited until 8 PM on Valentine’s Day to pick up the leftover dregs of flowers. When I got home and pulled out my mail, I was happy to see my weekly Sports Illustrated. But I had to laugh again, when the only other thing in my mailbox was a wedding announcement from my cousin.


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