Olfactory Observations

There are few things more soothing to me than a man wearing the perfect amount of cologne. I forget how comforting a musky, spicy scent is, until I smell it again and an amalgam of memories flood my mind. It doesn’t have to be a particular scent, although I can pick out Curve in a crowd and be instantly transported to Lincoln, Nebraska in the fall of 1998.

There’s the French teacher I had at BYU, who marinated in Eternity for Men, and even though the class was at 8 AM every day, I was there in the front row to catch whiffs as he would pace back and forth. Hey, it was a M-F class at 8 AM. Maybe it was a tactic to get the girls to class.

But overall, it’s just a general warm fuzzy feeling that a man cared enough to recognize that he’s probably normally stinky and it’s okay to accept outside help for that physical ailment.

6 thoughts on “Olfactory Observations

  1. Ah yes, I bought Aaron Eternity for a wedding present so it has some memories. I love men’s cologne and I’m not one of those girls who have a problem with guys who wear a little too much either. Too much of a good thing, is generally a good thing. (Not so much true for women’s perfume, strangely).It’s amazing how smell can transport you back more powerfully then perhaps anything else. I wrote a paper on it a few weeks ago in fact.I have learned not to wear perfumes I love during icky times (physically or emotionally). I completely ruined Dune for myself by wearing it when I was pregnant (sick), followed by a miscarriage (sad).

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