More Office Hours Fun

On Wednesdays, I have office hours from 12-2. But since it’s freezing outside, and it costs money to heat my apartment, and my office is usually quite warm, I come up to campus around 9, get some work done, and play on the Internet.

This is what I found today.

The worst movie dialogue missing from this list? This gem.

Which is why I turn off this movie precisely at this point.

9 thoughts on “More Office Hours Fun

  1. Perhaps I’m the last to notice…but Meg Ryan certainly has been asked to pull the “I’m confused…(head tilt)….no, really confused” look out of her bag of tricks in just about every one of her flicks.

  2. i loved “the dingo ate my baby” – i could totally hear it!most of those lines didn’t bother me at the time, but just this weekend i caught the end of “pretty woman” and i gagged on the line about rescuing him back. i thought it didn’t make much sense and was lame. perspective does wonders.

  3. For a movie with decent dialogue, “You’ve got Mail” has one of the worst endings. The thing about most of those quotes? They are almost all awesomely bad.

  4. Deanne, Mom and Jennie–yeah. Thanks for writing that line here.Mike–you’re right! She does that in every movie I’ve seen heer in!Jenn–you know me so well 🙂Kristin–I don’t see nearly as many movies as I did when we were roomies!!Sarah–I love saying the dingo line…it cracks me up.Sherpa–you’re right. They are all awesomely bad.

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