Surviving the Strike

This writer’s strike is at times driving me crazy and at times making me happy that I have extra time to read and sleep. But in case you don’t read or don’t want to sleep, here are some survival tactics, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly (except for #4).

1. Host a strike film festival. Suggestions? They rule out Newsies (how could they?!) but offer instead movies I’ve never heard of, like Harlan County USA and Matewan. Might have to check those out…

2. Fill in the movie blanks. I’m a fan of this suggestion: visit crazy movie quizzes!

3. Tackle the AFI 100 list. Convenient–there is a link to this list just to your left! And if classic movies aren’t your thing, they have the top 100 comedies, heroes, villains, etc.

4. This is my recent discovery…I’ll provide you with one link and you can decide for yourself if you want to see more…Hiphopapotamus. You can thank me later.

3 thoughts on “Surviving the Strike

  1. Loved the link … I’m the mutha flippin. Did I get that right? Too funny. I kept waiting for them to say Rhymenoceros. Hey guess what – we went to court and she’s ours…legally! Matt left for Iraq yesterday, and our temple is closed until Jan. 29. So we’ll go in Feb. when he’s back. You rule!!

  2. Sarah–I’ve been involved in two strikes in my life, and they just aren’t fun at all. One thing I don’t miss about teaching in Utah is how antagonistic the UEA was. I don’t know if it’s still that way, but it really made me uncomfortable.Debbie! No, YOU rule! CONGRATS!!!! I’ll call you soon!

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