Tuesday was rather distressing. The details aren’t important, and everything is fine and dandy now, but Tuesday? Yikes. I couldn’t eat, I was so upset. Not even my stockpile of Mint M&Ms were appealing.

Yet I still met my friend Toni at the gym, and after a good 30 minute sweat, I felt a little bit better…but deciding to go see this really made me feel happy:

I went to a movie, at 9:30 on a Tuesday night. It was lovely–both being out late and the movie.

4 thoughts on “Pick-Me-Up

  1. Yikes, it wasn’t our session was it? You seemed fine then! You sure worked hard but generally crunches don’t cause psychic distress 😉I’m sorry you had a rough day but proud of you for following through with your fitness plans for the day.I would love to see that movie, so glad it was a pick me up for you.


  2. Sarah–I’m putting a lot of trust in the preventive medicine of the gym these days.Kirsty–it wasn’t our session. Although the crunches did cause psychic distress.Sherpa–I was so happy that I liked Juno so much. Sometimes when a movie is hyped, I don’t enjoy it as much as people say I will (Enchanted, for example).


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