Tuesday was rather distressing. The details aren’t important, and everything is fine and dandy now, but Tuesday? Yikes. I couldn’t eat, I was so upset. Not even my stockpile of Mint M&Ms were appealing.

Yet I still met my friend Toni at the gym, and after a good 30 minute sweat, I felt a little bit better…but deciding to go see this really made me feel happy:

I went to a movie, at 9:30 on a Tuesday night. It was lovely–both being out late and the movie.


  1. Yikes, it wasn’t our session was it? You seemed fine then! You sure worked hard but generally crunches don’t cause psychic distress 😉I’m sorry you had a rough day but proud of you for following through with your fitness plans for the day.I would love to see that movie, so glad it was a pick me up for you.



  2. Sarah–I’m putting a lot of trust in the preventive medicine of the gym these days.Kirsty–it wasn’t our session. Although the crunches did cause psychic distress.Sherpa–I was so happy that I liked Juno so much. Sometimes when a movie is hyped, I don’t enjoy it as much as people say I will (Enchanted, for example).



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