What Did You Do New Year’s Eve?

Back from the 10 day trip to Omaha, which was quite fun, but I have no pictures whatsoever of my time there. My camera never even made it out of the backpack. But I was able to spend time with friends and family, had a job interview (waiting to hear back…), saw a couple of movies, and was again reassured that moving back to Omaha is a good fit for me.

But I wanted to spend New Year’s Eve with my Bowling Green buddies, so I arranged to fly home in the afternoon. Ah, the best laid plans…I left for the Omaha airport at 11:30 AM, expecting to be in Toledo by 5:25 PM. This left ample time to drop off my things, freshen up, and head to Amy’s for the par-tay. Instead?

Left Omaha around 2:15 PM. Worried about making connecting flight, especially after we circled O’Hare for 45 minutes.

Sat in O’Hare for an hour, waiting to board. I wasn’t upset about the delay, since it made it possible for me to actually catch the flight.

Boarded the flight to Toledo at 5 PM, only to sit on the tarmac until 6:45 (when we finally got in the air). I managed to covertly text message Kirsty, who loaned me her knight in shining armor to pick me up from the airport. So while her KISA still had to wait for 20 minutes before I landed, at least he knew what was up.

We went straight to Amy’s where I immediately commenced eating a plethora of super-good food. But I was tired. So at 10 PM, I went into the office, laid down, and took a 15 minute power nap. It helped.

I’m sure eventually Kirsty will post some pics on her blog…it was a good time.

Woke up this morning a little panicked at how much has to get done in the next four months–I GRADUATE IN FOUR MONTHS!!!–but then set about making a plan to do it all, so life is good.

Happy New Year!

5 thoughts on “What Did You Do New Year’s Eve?

  1. Last night we were talking about how much we wanted a taste of the chex mix thingy you made last year. With all that gooey syrupy goodness. I checked Kirsty’s blog. It looked like you all had some good sober fun. Although, Nathan had me worried there for a minute 🙂

  2. I graduate also! but mines just an associate. Anyways it was great to see you at Moe’s! I haven’t seen my favorite teacher in ages.

  3. Apparently you have not checked my blog lately. There are a couple of photos of you but I did not want to post anything of just you until you authorized it 😉You forgot the part where my KISA went to get you the first time and he had to come back. I scored a pair of pants out of that deal as he turned back at around Levi’s Commons and felt that he should make the trip worth it. So everything worked out groovy.Just 4 more months until we address you as Master Julie!! That’s nothing! How exciting!

  4. We missed you here but were glad you weren’t stranded in Chi-town all night. We had a Wii bit of fun without you…Oh and I love the new look!

  5. Jen–I love that stuff. Did you find a recipe for it? If you google coconut chex mix, you should find one that will work. Sober fun is the best.Zach–it was good to see you too!Kirsty–I did see the photos, and I appreciate your discretion in posting photos of me. And thanks for filling in the rest of the story. 🙂Deanne–glad you only had a Wii bit of fun.

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