These Are Days

You’ll know it’s true/that you are blessed and lucky

Every now and then, it becomes so clear to me how blessed and lucky I really am. Saturday was one of those days. I was quite sad upon learning my services were no longer needed with the youth at church (I’m instead teaching the adult Sunday School class). Yet I had made plans with Kirsty and Cindy to have a fabulous afternoon–a round of circuit training, break for lunch, then meeting back up to see Enchanted at the small.

I was able to push the sadness aside for some of the workout, and for most of the movie. But after the movie, it came rushing back, and I was all set to just retreat to my apartment and delve into Season 7 of Gilmore Girls to forget my sadness. We sat and chatted for a while, when Cindy suggested we go to TGIFriday’s for dinner.

During dinner, in between the laughs and advice and commiserating, I felt so grateful that I have such wonderful friends. And it’s not just here in Bowling Green. I realized this week that I have moved every 2-4 years for my entire life. That’s a lot of moving, a lot of starting over, a lot of deciding whether or not I’m going to go through the initial arduous process of making friends or finally embrace my agoraphobic tendencies. Lucky for me, every time I’ve moved, I’ve found one (or in some cases more than one) kindred spirit.

My friend Kallie moved this week, and it’s gotten me thinking about my pending departure. I’m not looking forward to it, even though I’m going back to Nebraska, where all is familiar and cozy. Going back to Nebraska means I have to leave the amazing friends I have here. I’ve done this a dozen times before, and I always think it’s going to get easier to say goodbye and move on. But it’s never easy. Even when we lived in Alabama for 10 months, it was still hard to say goodbye. But…

These are days you’ll remember…you’ll know it’s true, that you are blessed and lucky.

Indeed I am.

5 thoughts on “These Are Days

  1. Moving away from BG was a particularly hard move for me. I put down some good roots there. And I miss it more than I thought I would. Especially all you good peeps.

  2. Awww sniff….You are not authorized to leave though so I don’t quite know what you are on about.No I have not started my paper yet. I have decide to become a scientific experiment for stress.

  3. what a great song – and what a truism it is about friendships. i think you may be less agoraphobic than you think. i also think you should come back to utah – NOT nebraska.

  4. Jen–we miss you too!!Kirsty–I forgot I am not authorized to leave. Apologies. How did the paper turn out?Sarah–I go round and round about moving back to Utah…I am planning to visit this summer, though!!

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