The Best Day

Okay, so maybe it’s not the BEST day, but here is what I have loved about today:

1. Woke up, sans alarm, at 7:45 AM. Could not fall back asleep, so got out of bed and got ready for the day. Takes me a while though–I’ve been sick all week, so just getting ready wears me out.

2. Had $10 of Kohl’s cash and a Bath and Body Works coupon, plus a couple of packages to mail. I head out to run errands. Use the Kohl’s cash to buy a new sweater and BBW coupon to buy a hair product and get a free tube of Vanilla Bean Noel lotion. It’s my favorite.

3. Home at 11 AM, commenced work on Poli Sci project about No Child Left Behind. Finish first draft at 1 PM.

4. Played lots of Frabulous Scrabulous with my sisters and mom. Took a little nap–feeling run-down after the flurry of activity this morning.

5. Changed into my PJs at 3:45 PM. It’s snowy and icy and not fit for man nor beast outside, plus I think PJs have healing powers.

6. Watched “The Holiday,” one of my new favorite movies.

7. Love, love, loving all the college football today. Monster shout outs to Pitt and Oregon State for proving even more than last week the utter futility of the BCS. HA! DOUBLE HA! Oh, and a shout out to BYU’s Harvey Unga, who scored 4 touchdowns today. The boy is a friggin’ machine.

Time for bed–I don’t think I’ll make it to the end of the Oklahoma-Mizzou game.

One thought on “The Best Day

  1. And to think I was feeling guilty for my neglect. You were having a way better day then I! Hope today is more of the same from now on.

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