Closer to Myself

It’s been a busy weekend, yet I have very few tangible accomplishments to show for it. Thanksgiving was a lovely affair with some of my closest friends here in BG. The pumpkin cheesecake was a big hit, and while I made 100 rolls, only about 3 dozen were eaten, so I have a couple dozen in my freezer to warm up whenever I feel like it. Lots of good conversation, good food (12 pies!!!) and before I knew it, 10 hours had passed and I was running out of steam.

I am opposed to Black Friday on many levels, but did a little online shopping since my subscription to Lucky Magazine (The Magazine About Shopping!) nets me cash-back rewards when I shop online. Then had a viewing of Pride and Prejudice (the A&E version) with friends, which made for a late night, but dangit if I didn’t swoon every time Mr. Darcy looked at Elizabeth Bennet…

Today I had all kinds of lofty goals that have became superceded by sports…the BYU-Utah football game (Austin Collie is a STUD!), the Kansas-Missouri football game that starts in 90 minutes (Go Big 12!), and the BYU-UNC basketball game that starts at 10:30 PM (ooh…BYU or Tyler Hansbrough? Who will win my affections?).

Last week, I was talking to a friend who lives outside of Charlotte, NC, but he only had a couple minutes, since he and his wife were going to a basketball game. I said, “Oh, the Hornets?” Dead air on the other end, and then I heard, “Um, Julie, the Hornets left Charlotte six years ago. The Bobcats play in Charlotte now.” I launched into my tirade about expansion teams to cover my mistake, but the truth is, I really did not know Charlotte’s NBA team had changed. And that’s just not like me. My friend knew that, too–he’s one of two people besides my family who has known me for nearly 20 years and he I think he was surprised that sports just haven’t been as regular a part of my life as they used to be.

I’ve done a lot of “girly” things this weekend–baking, online Sephora raid, watching a 6 hour version of Pride and Prejudice–but I can’t quite describe how much more normal I feel watching all these sporting events. I enjoyed performing all my gender-normative tasks this week, but when I watch sports, I feel more like myself. And I really like it when I remember to do the things that make me, me.


  1. Black Friday is America….you don’t know what you’re missing!I’m glad you got some sports in amidst your Sephora-euphoria, we wouldn’t want you to turn into a girl all at once 😉 I know how you feel…I can’t wait to get back to TX and get covered in sawdust again.



  2. It may have felt unnatural to to be so girly but I for one am grateful for all your sister in Zion-ish ministrations. Extensive, rambling shout out to you on my blog today. Glad you got to dilute the girliness to a palateable strength again though. 🙂



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