I’m Thankful For…

1. An apartment small enough that when I bake all day long, there is no need to turn on the heater.
2. My many seasons of Gilmore Girls on DVD.
3. A car that has been in top notch condition since the day I bought it.
4. The cutest piano students ever.
5. A place to go on Thanksgiving; a place with enough people there that I needed to make this:

…and all of these:

Guess how many rolls I made?

6. My awesome KitchenAid with 9 cup flour capacity so I could double my roll recipe. Twice.
7. Passing comps!!!
8. Adorable nieces and nephews
9. Great parents and siblings
10. An overall fantastic life–nothing like I had planned or imagined, but still quite wonderful.

4 thoughts on “I’m Thankful For…

  1. As the Thanksgiving Day spread is finally completed….the kids first question is (and has been for many years)…”how many rolls do we each get ?” That pumpkin cheesecake looks incredible !


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