I Hate Oprah.

I have quite the love-hate relationship with Oprah. I enjoy the days that she has celebrities shamelessly promoting their latest book, movie, TV show, CD, or cause. Some of her issue oriented shows are also enlightening, although often they ultimately end in whatever expert she trots out to help the everyday Joes shilling their latest book, movie, TV show, CD or cause. But today, I hate Oprah.

It is her annual My Favorite Things episode, an episode I rail against in the university class I teach, because it is so blatantly consumerist. I usually watch it with varying degrees of disgust, although every now and then the camera will land on an audience member’s face who looks so genuinely grateful for all the crap Oprah is giving her, that my heart is a little warmed. I’m usually not at all envious of anything she gives out. Today she gave out jumbo soaps (ugly), KitchenAids (already have one, thanks), and a $3500 refrigerator/freezer that has a TV built-in to the refrigerator side, and some fancy-schmancy internet something or other on the freezer side (totally unnecessary).

But today she gave out something that made me Christmas green with envy, but something that I will never expect to receive in this lifetime because of the financial burden it would place on whoever was cuh-ray-zy enough to purchase it for me:

This is my heaven.

Damn you, Oprah. You and your consumerist ways…


  1. “Oprah’s the debil”. I did like your Coxian spelling of crazy, and if I ever reach that level of insanity (not too far to go) you’ll have that collection…..mark my words.



  2. Deanne–I like your use of the word “Coxian!” Jen–I haven’t heard about your mom’s thoughts on Oprah, but can’t say that I blame her…Mom–you’re hilarious.



  3. We could start one DVD at a time and build up the set for you.I already own the classic, letterbox version of <>“Joe vs The Volcano”<>. I would be happy to make that the initial item in your personally collected set of the best movies.



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