Dan in Real Life

All my words these days seem to be tied up in getting ready for comps, because normally I would have TONS to say about a movie like Dan in Real Life. But I can’t quite articulate how it made me feel. So here are the basics.

1. I love Steve Carell. From his role in Anchorman to the hilariously awkwardness of The Office, I’ve known he was funny. I always enjoy watching “funny guys” tap into deeper emotions and deliver solid performances that don’t feel contrived.

2. Oh, how I identified with being the only single offspring at a family gathering.

3. I’m not quite sure what the deal is with Dane Cook. He’s not that cute (Carell is actually MUCH cuter), I don’t think he’s very funny, yet the guy is ubiquitous right now. Why? If someone can explain this to me, I’d appreciate it.

4. I don’t know exactly what it is about this film that made me like it so much. This is part of why it’s hard for me to articulate my thoughts. Perhaps it was seeing older people find each other. Perhaps it was watching the family interact in a similar, hysterical way as my own family does when we’re all together.

5. As usual, I just loved being enveloped by the whole movie experience. And this was a film that was worth the $7.25 matinee price I paid to see it. I miss Nebraska’s cheapie matinees…

2 thoughts on “Dan in Real Life

  1. I cannot WAIT to see this movie because you know how much I heart Michael.Which reminds me, we bought you an I heart Jim notepad yesterday. It has probably gone the way of the bookmark I bought you last week but at least you know we thought of you…

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