I feel like my life is so consumed with work and studying for comps that I really have nothing exciting to write about. There’s just nothing that’s inspired me all week. But there have been a couple of bright spots:

Wednesday I went to Hobbily Lobbily and picked up two cartridges for my Cricut machine. The fonts I got are this one and this one. I can’t wait to play more with them! I made a card, but it’s in my car and I don’t feel like going out to retrieve it and take a picture of it.

Friday I had my first Coldstone in a long time…dark chocolate ice cream with a brownie mix-in. Try it! It’s amazing.

Saturday I studied, studied, studied, and then went to my friend Amy’s house for dinner with her family, and Kirsty’s family was there as well. We made pizzas (which I need to remember how yummy homemade pizza is the next time I feel like getting Papa John’s). I always love hanging out with those two families because we have the best conversations. But the high point of the evening was probably this!

2 thoughts on “Hmmm

  1. Although that was an oddly entertaining few minutes I must disagree and contend thatthe best part of the evening was our discussions regarding Nathan’s various man crushes and the ensuing research we had to do: was followed closely in yumminess by your Jello cake, which was, I believe, exhalted Jello Cake. (Thanks Julie’s mom for that)


  2. Fun cartridges!! Amusing video clips, but probably funnier if I had ever read any of the books. Also…glad the jello cake was good!


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