Nothing Special

At least once a day, I check other friends’ blogs to see if they’ve posted anything new. Usually, it inspires me to post something on my blog. But this week, much like my friend Sarah, there was really nothing going on in my life. Just the same ol’, same ol’ grind of up early, school, work, bed.

There were a couple of nice surprises: Tuesday as I left my Poli Sci class, I ran into a group of people from my department who had also gotten out of class early. So we chatted for a while, and it was nice because that night’s Poli Sci class was not as fun as it had been the previous weeks. I was able to go home on a high note instead of the low I was feeling before I saw my friends.

Thursday I summoned the strength to tell my boss that I needed to work fewer hours, and she obliged by cutting four hours a week from my previous schedule. It may not seem like a lot, but this next month will be one of the most stressful times in my life, and I am so grateful to be working a little less so I can study a little more.

I will leave you with the following quiz that was given to me in a workshop last Saturday night. It was our church’s standards night for the youth, and since I’m a youth leader, I went. There were several different workshops they could attend, and while immediately following standards night I was rather vitriolic in my commentary to my parents, I’ve calmed down and I’m not as riled up. Good life lesson there: if you’re riled up about something, give it a week and it probably won’t matter as much. On to the quiz, from the Education workshop:

1. True or False: All living things have some carbon in them.
2. With what battle did the Civil War begin?
3. y/4=8. Solve for y.
4. What title do we give to the part of the Constitution that begins “We the people…”

Answers? You tell me!

4 thoughts on “Nothing Special

  1. 1: T 2:no clue… 3:32 4:PreambleDon’t quote me on those, though, I’ve been out of acadamia a LONG time and much to my amazement actually haven’t needed to know those things (and all those times I was just trying to get out of homework!)

  2. Ah, it’s the little things eh?1. True or False: All living things have some carbon in them.Sure, why not.2. With what battle did the Civil War begin?The Battle of the Last Freaking Straw3. y/4=8. Solve for y.y would anyone want to take the lovely alphabet and get it all soiled with numbers? 4. What title do we give to the part of the Constitution that begins “We the people…”Ummm….The Constitution? Isn’t that how it starts? ‘Cos you know, I’m really up on that stuff.

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