Something I Can Do

I work with the youth at church, specifically with the 12-13 year old girls. There are only four of them, each with a very distinct personality. I’m often nervous about how they will get along in certain situations.

Tonight, our activity was centered on making healthy choices. One girl gave a brief lesson on the evils of soda (which I most definitely ignored), one girl provided a healthy dessert of fruit and angel food cake, and another girl decided we should play football. So we did, and we had a great time.

We went outside, and I asked the girls if they knew how to throw and catch a football, and only one of them did. I taught them how to throw a spiral, and how to catch a football. It was so fun, and we ran all over the place, playing two-on-two football. It was a nice moment for me to realize that I can do something cool like throw a decent spiral, and that I was able to teach it. Very, very fun evening.

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