Found Time

I have taken on too much.

Between comps studying, tutoring, teaching piano lessons, church responsibilities, running, thesis writing, classes, teaching Intro to Popular Culture, working with a research group on campus, and being a good friend and family member, nearly every second of my day is planned out. And last night, someone called to see if I could be an accompanist for a local church choir.

For the first time in my life, it isn’t hard to say no, simply because I have no more hours left to give to anything. Earlier this week I was trying to find new office hour times because the ones I had selected originally now conflict with one of the aforementioned activities. There were no options, had I kept my schedule as it was. So I conceded to moving my gym time on Friday to the evening and scheduling office hours for the morning. But it was a hard choice to make. Will I feel like going to the gym after teaching five straight piano lessons?

But then, little glimmers of hope appear. Last night’s 6-9 PM class was over by 7 PM, giving me two hours to finish prepping for tonight’s youth activity. A few minutes ago, my boss at the tutoring center called to tell me she didn’t need me today after all. Found time!

So, with my “found time” I can get a little more work done for comps. I can actually eat a normal dinner at home instead of random but healthy finger foods that can be eaten on the run. I can take a 20 minute nap. I can watch Oprah. I can relax. I can breathe.

I don’t need found time very often, but I revere its presence when it happens, and I try to not abuse it.

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