Air Shopping Again

The flight from Chicago to Toledo is only 45 minutes, and I was exhausted, so I cracked open American Airline’s version of SkyMall to see if there was anything interesting to buy, as opposed to Northwest Airlines. Fans of the blog may remember on my return trip from Texas I found some quality products on that trip. You can read about them here. Here are the fantastic offerings I found yesterday. The first two pages were nothing but Harry Potter crap. I say “crap” because it is overpriced memorabilia that has zero magical powers.

However, I wish this actually worked:

I think this might be a better diet than the grapefruit or cabbage variety:

This bothered me, mostly because the first time I heard it as in the movie “Hitch.” It was a good movie and all, but the screenplay was no Dickens or Hugo…

I would love for my sister to make me this sign, though. She makes gorgeous vinyl signs:

And finally, I found a product that I will most likely purchase from American Airlines’ SkyMall:

Visit to get yours today!

One thought on “Air Shopping Again

  1. Well, since you weren’t subtle in your wishes…I guess you have a sign on it’s way to you in the next few weeks ;DAnd, why would you buy 2 or more TSA kits to save a buck on each…they only let you take on one…or maybe this can be the emergency preparedness item for September and we can all order them…

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