My Day

6:15 AM: Alarm goes off–this morning it is Madonna’s “Lucky Star.” Excellent wake up music.

7:05 AM: I am ready for the day, about to eat breakfast when my phone rings. It’s work. They don’t need me until 9 AM today. Fantastic! Sure, an extra hour of sleep would have been nice, but now I get to read more from my comps list! Double fantastic!

9 AM- Noon: Work. Lovely day at work. Teaching all about parts of speech and story structure. I love teaching.

12:30 PM–get to the gym and put in 2 miles. Takes me longer than usual today due to my calves still being pretty tight from step on Monday.

1:30 PM–leave gym somewhat clean but with sweaty hair and travel to meeting with department chair. Meeting goes well! I am encouraged!

3 PM–go to meeting for Graduate student orientation week, as I am presenting a workshop on dealing with difficult moments in the classroom. I learn helpful info, then work on what I will actually say at the workshop. By the time the meeting is over, I pretty much have it figured out. Yay! One less thing to do this weekend!

4:30 PM–stop at home to change into jeans and grab something, anything to eat.

4:50 PM–leave for first of three piano lessons to teach.

6:10 PM–drop off bags of clothes at Goodwill, then head to next piano lesson.

7:15 PM–realize next piano lesson is not showing up, but it’s all good because I read another chapter for comps. Yay!

7:30 PM–Stop at Meijer to kill time before 8 PM meeting. Buy a paper planner, because my Pocket PC is not going to work for me for the next year…I need paper brains. A quick stop in the restroom to try and fix my hair. I take out the ponytail holder, and my hair does not move. It has frozen in place, thanks to the holder/sweat/7 hour combination.

8:00 PM–Young Women’s Pres. meeting. Lovely time.

9:30 PM–Finally home! I am quite happy to fall into bed, just to start another equally busy day tomorrow.

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  1. nothing like a full satisying productive sort of day. very nice. I don’t get those very much during the summer. too much down time. school starts in less than a month, though!

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