Cable, How Do I Miss Thee?

In January, I downgraded my cable service to the most basic level. Most days I don’t even miss it, especially since I have so many of my fave TV shows on DVD–everyday is perfect syndication day at my place–and since I really need to buckle down and study most of the time.

What I miss most about cable is ESPN, TBS, and C-SPAN.

I miss ESPN and TBS for sports coverage. Without these stations, I am limited to major events covered by the major networks (Wimbledon on NBC, Saturday baseball on FOX, etc.). In fact, this summer I have been so starved for baseball that right now I am watching the flippin Reds play the Marlins. I don’t like either of those teams, but one of the few channels I get is Fox Sports Network-Ohio, so the only games I get to watch mid-week are Reds and Indians games. Maybe by next summer I’ll be a fan of one of those teams.

Missing C-SPAN is harder to explain. It’s not like I watched it every day, but there was something comforting about going to that station during commercial breaks, or while I was getting ready in the morning, and having my own conversations with Congress. Yes, I trash talk Congress in the same way I trash talk my sports teams. And I enjoy it. Plus, I liked being able to know firsthand what Stewart and Colbert would mock on their evening programs. I miss Stewart and Colbert, too.

But I am getting a lot more done without 80 channels to surf…and I like that once this game is over, I will watch a couple episodes of Arrested Development and go to bed. TV the way I like it.

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