Travel Thoughts

I’m in Texas now. I love non-stop flights. I usually get really queasy on landings, so I try to close my eyes and focus on my thoughts, and before I know it, we’re on the ground. Sometimes I will count in French, but I quit doing that after one flight I got all the way up to ninety and couldn’t remember how to say “ninety” in French. (It’s quatre-vingt, by the way.)

So yesterday I just tracked my thoughts. And I realized I have quite the train of thought. Here is a smattering of what thoughts I had during last night’s landing:

There is ice on the window. How did it get there?
I like ice. It would cool me off right now.
Why couldn’t I think of anything to say to the nice guy who struck up a conversation with me on the jetway?
Hmm…why would I be fine dating men over forty if they looked like George Clooney or Bradley Whitford?
Why are clouds white in the daylight and pitch black at night? Clouds are black outside my window right now. Isn’t that dangerous?
I love Imogen Heap.

Random thoughts, but they all helped me breathe evenly and not freak out on the landing. So I’m here until Wednesday, and I’m quite happy to just chill with my sis. Last night we stayed up until 2 AM listening to my iPod and reminiscing about how we’ve always listened to cool music. ‘Twas heaven. Today will be mostly consumed by playing Nintendo with my nephews.

2 thoughts on “Travel Thoughts

  1. Your sister is sooooooo cool! What a lucky girl you are to have someone to stay up till 2 with and then hang out till the afternoon in pjs. I wish my sisters were that rad.

  2. I LOVE your random thoughts… especially the one about men over 40 and the clouds being black… I can totally relate to your trains of thought… you make me laugh. :o)

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