Someone’s Getting My Ring

When I got home late this evening, I realized I hadn’t yet retrieved my mail. So I walked over to the mailboxes and overheard this snippet of a phone conversation:

“Yeah, so what I bought is a 1 carat, princess cut, set in platinum. What do you think?”

If I had more courage I would have answered, “I think YES!” Once upon a time when I thought someone was going to propose, that was my ring. Well, the diamond weight was a little less, but the cut and setting was the same. And even though I wasn’t getting the ring tonight, I was happy that someone else in the universe was going to get that ring soon! It made me happy.

I was even happier when my first films from my free trial of Blockbuster’s Total Access program arrived: the first and third parts of Ken Burns’ Baseball. I think part two will arrive tomorrow. Since I won’t be able to watch the College World Series this year, I decided to rewatch baseball films, and I’m starting with this nine-part documentary.

Why nine parts? Because there are nine innings in baseball!

2 thoughts on “Someone’s Getting My Ring

  1. I forgot how much you love baseball… you make me laugh… of all the movies to have Blockbuster to send you. :o) I LOVE IT!! It fits you!! Thanks for calling the other night. I know life is busy for both of us.. so I’ll just keep checking your Blog. :o) Feel free to look at my cheesy family Blog (… you’ll see me once in a while. :o)

  2. you’re a baseball nerd. actually i’m really grateful I have sports loving friends – it makes me feel more rounded, at least by proxy.and kc – why didn’t you speak of this blog before? why don’t you make a mr. and mrs. simmons blog? i’d be much happier if you had a blog.

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