Cleveland Rocks!

Every Memorial Day Weekend the Kirtland Ohio Stake sponsors “Zion’s Camp,” a 2-day YSA conference. While I am too old to attend the conference (I’m a scary cougar, preying upon innocent 27 and 28 year olds) I am the Toledo Stake’s YSA choir accompanist, and since the choir director was asked to provide the music, I got to go to the Cleveland/Kirtland area yesterday. We had choir rehearsal at 5 PM yesterday, so I left Bowling Green early to do some sightseeing in Cleveland. This morning, as part of the conference, we had sacrament meeting in the Kirtland Temple, which is pretty cool. Although the 90 minute testimony meeting that followed the sacrament meeting got on my last nerve. I guess I just have a narrow definition of what a testimony is, so by my count, I heard one testimony in 90 minutes. But I digress.

I took lots of pictures!!!

This is Lake Erie:


The Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame:

A Funky Guitar:

Want to know what a purple people-eater looks like?

Another view of the hall and Lake Erie:

Where the Browns play football:

There is a WWII Submarine open to the public. I didn’t get an official tour, but was able to lurk a little…

Check out the gun show:

3 thoughts on “Cleveland Rocks!

  1. Oh how I remember the days of Testimony Meetings sitting next to you. :o) I truly appreciate and understand the meaning of testimony because of you. So, 90 minutes would TOTALLY be painful. All in all… it sounds like you had a nice time.

  2. I really try to look for the positive in everything that is said, but I lacked patience in this particular meeting. But I did have a nice time, would have been all that much nicer if I had had friends with me! 🙂

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