Rainy days and Mondays

It is Friday, and while it finally stopped raining, the sky is still really overcast and the wind is so blustery that my hair gets stuck in my lip gloss everytime I walk outside. Today is my nephew’s birthday, and aside from his actual day of birth, I think this is the first time I have not been near him on his birthday, so the overcast skies pretty much reflect my mood. But I have other things to be happy about:

I have been able to piece together enough odd jobs for the summer that I will not have to turn to drug dealing or prostitution to pay rent and what not.

I get to see Wicked in Columbus this summer.

All my papers are turned in, and my weekend plans include scrubbing my apartment and watching “Firefly.”

Life is good, really. Sure, there are things I wish were a little different, but not much. I hope to take some pictures this weekend, as it is supposed to be gorgeous, and as I was writing my folklore paper on scrapbooking, I realized I have absolutely no pictures of my first year of grad school. That does not seem right.

One thought on “Rainy days and Mondays

  1. hooray – way to have things wrapped up. your sum up reminded me of college days. glad they’re over. of course, i only mean the byu ones, i’m still taking classes – two this summer – somehow i can’t stop myself.now go take pictures!

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