Stop and think….and thank…

My friend Kirsty sent me this story from the Washington Post, that I’m sure most of you have heard about by now:

Today I walked out of my apartment to check my mail, and I heard him again–a guy who lives in an adjacent building, on nice-weather days, sits outside and plays his guitar, sings, and plays the harmonica. I’ve always enjoyed listening to him in the brief seconds it takes to get to the mail, or my car, or whatever. With the Post story fresh in my mind, I thought I should go tell him how much I enjoyed his music.

But the song he was playing–Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes–made me all gooey, and I would have been embarrassed by the perma-grin attached to my face, so I didn’t say anything. But next time I will. I don’t know what it was exactly about that song today that made me smile like I did, but I was glad for it. I’ve been listening to so many podcasts lately on my walk to school, that I think I was forgetting how much I love music.

One thought on “Stop and think….and thank…

  1. I LOVED that Post article… There has been many a time that I’ve passed by street artists and not paid attention to them. But I must admit that once I did. He was playing a violin outside of a pizza joint. It was a little chilly, so I had planned to eat inside with some friends, but one of the ladies commented on how beautiful he was playing so we all decided to eat outside… so worth it. I’m sure it wasn’t Josh Bell, but he was cute and very talented. Made for a VERY enjoyable lunch.I really think you should go and talk to your neighbor… he needs to know how much he’s appreciated… especially when he makes you smile. :o)

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