Lessons Learned

This week has been an absolute whirlwind. I can’t believe it’s already Friday, and I can hardly remember what I did on Monday. All I know is that this week (and next week promises more of the same) I have been as busy as I was when I was coaching speech. Only problem with that is my tolerance mechanism for being so busy has atrophied a little since starting grad school. Even with all the busy-ness, I managed to learn a few things.

1. I need to choose to make friends–they aren’t just going to inherently know how much fun I am unless I go places with them and let them see me for me.
2. Without my family and my church, I would have nothing. I glimpsed that this week through someone else, and I cannot imagine that kind of despair and desperation.
3. It’s okay if I never become famous, because I really think I was put on this earth to affect change on an individual level, not on a global level.
3a. If I can affect change on an individual level, change at the global level will happen with time.

I present at my first graduate conference tomorrow…wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “Lessons Learned

  1. wahoo! good luck!as for 3 and 3a – that’s a valuable lesson i learned from the john denver mini-series starring chad lowe that i watched while lying on sacha’s living room floor chewing on baby carrots. john denver was so focused on saving the world – through his music and anti-land-mines campaign that he lost his family in a very real tangible way. better to focus on individuals – especially the ones in our sphere of influence. the world will follow as necessary.

  2. aww, thanks, Sarah! The one regret I have about my time in SLC is that I feel like I didn’t do enough to become really good friends with all the wonderful people I just knew casually. I’m trying to learn from that experience now. Your students don’t know how lucky they are to have you as a teacher..

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