Little Things Mean A Lot

Yesterday was a good day. It was the ward choir Christmas program. I’m the accompanist, and I love playing the piano, so it was enjoyable for me. Then that night, some friends had a Messiah sing-a-long in their home. Quite fun to have people from church sitting by vocal section, singing along with the CD (which was played quite loudly). It’s been six years sing I had sung The Messiah, and by the end, I was hoarse. But it felt so great to be singing again.

But what was the best about yesterday was the weather…it jumped up to 45 degrees. 45 degrees is tropical when the day before was 25 degrees. Today is more of the same, and should continue throughout the week. I just really love that little things like a 45 degree day in December and a Messiah sing-a-long can make me so happy. Life is good.

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