It’s A Small World, After All…

Last night I went to the Ann Arbor Stake’s annual Creche exhibit. The entire building is filled with nativity scenes from around the world. It is truly one of the most beautiful exhibits I’ve seen. I went there with some friends from my ward, one of whom asked me to accompany him for his trombone solo. He arranged two carols, and we were fourth on a program of about a dozen musical numbers. I always like performing, so it was a good time.

One of the musical numbers was a woman singing “Lo, How A Rose E’er Blooming,” which is one of my favorite Christmas songs. She looked so familiar, and as soon as she started singing, I knew why she was familiar to me. She was a singer I admired when I was in the music program at BYU. She didn’t know me at all when I was there, but I attended so many concerts and operas at BYU, and she was involved in most of them.

After the concert had finished, I approached her and explained how I knew who she was, and thanked her for her beautiful song. The whole experience made me think about how interesting the paths we take that lead us through life. I knew her from BYU; Great Falls, Montana was my home at the time. Yet 14 years later at a Friday night Christmas concert in Ann Arbor, Michigan, I was star-struck once more, listening to her sing.

By the way, the chapel in Ann Arbor is something else–it has an actual pipe organ, and the whole place has a very cool vibe to it. It was a great evening. And if you’ve never heard the song “Some Children See Him,” I encourage you to find a recording of it. I love it. I pasted the words below, but the music really is wonderful.

Some children see Him lily white, The baby Jesus born this night
Some children see Him lily white, With tresses soft and fair.

Some children see Him bronzed and brown, The Lord of heaven to earth come down;
Some children see Him bronzed and brown, With dark and heavy hair.

Some children see Him almond-eyed, This Savior whom we kneel beside,
Some children see Him almond-eyed, With skin of yellow hue.

Some children see Him dark as they, Sweet Mary’s Son, to Whom we pray;
Some children see Him dark as they, And ah! they love Him, too!

The children in each different place Will see the baby Jesus’ face
Like theirs, but bright and heavenly grace, And filled with holy light.

O lay aside each early thing, And with thy heart as offering,
Come worship now the infant King, ‘Tis love that’s born tonight!

5 thoughts on “It’s A Small World, After All…

  1. I love that song… what’s the best recording you’ve found (you know I like your taste in music… still loving those Christmas Carols you gave me)?

  2. Gosh, I haven’t even found a recording I really like…I’ll have to scour iTunes and see if I find something cool. The version that was sung at the concert was so gorgeous, that I think anything else will pale in comparison.

  3. speaking of creches from around the world…. last night i went to temple square with a non-mormon friend. he instantly took huge offense at the crech represented by mayan indians. he claims that it was christianity that destroyed their civilization. he compared it to dressing jews up in nazi clothing. what do you guys think? i was surprised by his passion.

  4. Wow. I guess I can see where he’s coming from…however, my interest is in who created the creche. Was it a contemporary descendant of Mayan Indians who now has an abiding faith in Christianity? If so, then doesn’t the creche simply reflect the artist’s ideology, and not the massacre of an indigenous people?

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