Things that annoy me

I am in a particularly annoyed state right now. It started with people at the grocery store, two days before Thanksgiving, who are leisurely pushing their carts and looking at every single item on the shelf. It escalated when I tried to get season five of Alias for me and one for my sister, and Circuit City only had one copy left. It reached near fever pitch when I went to pick up my Indian food for dinner–an order I had placed 45 minutes earlier–and STILL had to wait another 10 minutes for my food to be ready.

Combine all that with a 20 minute outsourced call to Verizon, and I’m pretty much irritated with everything. I was flipping to the American Music Awards during the commercial breaks of Gilmore Girls, and found myself incredibly annoyed with Josh Groban’s inability to sing in tune. I wanted to scream at Nelly Furtado to get rid of the bangs and stand up straight when she sings! What is this bending at the waist crap when people are singing? Oh, and WEAR A SLIP!

And the last straw? I want Gwen Stefani to quit appropriating American musical theatre into her sad excuse for a solo career. First Fiddler on the Roof, and tonight she sang a song that sampled The Lonely Goatherd from Sound of Music. What the heck?

Pop music today sucks, basically. No wonder I feel most at ease when I’m listening to music from the 1940s.

3 thoughts on “Things that annoy me

  1. I’m sorry about your annoying evening. I can appreciate and agree with most of what you said… but you must admit that Gwen is beautiful. :o) I sure miss you lady!! HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!

  2. Yeah, reading it a week later, now, it seems a little ranty. I usually don’t like to do that, but it was a good coping mechanism for that day.

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