My afternoon class was cancelled today, so I hit up a matinee of “Stranger Than Fiction.” It was the first movie I’d been to by myself since I’ve been to Bowling Green, and it was nice. I forgot how much I enjoy seeing movies by myself.

The theater is about 20 minutes away, and a matinee costs $7. What is more amazing to me is the food available. They have Sbarro pizza, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, pretzels, nachos, fruit cups and veggie trays, plus an entire line of burger joint type foods. Unreal.

The movie was quite good, but I’m a huge Emma Thompson fan, and would watch her read a phone book. But it really is a nice story.

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  1. that’s good to hear! i’ve been wanting to see that film. with the holiday around the corner and time off and no travel plans maybe i’ll travel on down to the local theater!

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