Village Inn

I’m home for a couple of days, and as usual, I find it very hard to get much work done at the house. Too many fun things to do–talk to my parents, watch TV, play on the computer, sleep, etc. But I had to do some homework, so tonight I retreated to Village Inn to try and get work done.

I did actually get a good amount of reading done and finished grading all the midterms.

But I felt bad for the cashier–I was sitting close to the register, and as she rang up this woman’s evening snack, she asked how everything was. And the woman proceeded to complain about everything, from the soup to the hot chocolate. And all I could think was, “Honey, it’s Village Inn, for crying out loud! What did you expect?” But she rushed out in such a huff that I had no chance to say anything. Not that I would have anyway.

But I thought it was funny how she started to lay into the cashier, and then walked out as fast as she could. So I made sure I was a good customer. And yeah, the hot chocolate wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, but I had a clean, relatively quiet place to study for an hour, and no one pestered me to leave. That was nice.

One thought on “Village Inn

  1. too bad that lady had expectations of good cocoa instead a quiet place to study. i like the idea of studying in a village inn – i would have never thought of it on my own!

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