Conference in Ohio

The local cable company does not carry General Conference, and my landlord won’t let me get satellite TV, so I found quite a fun solution.

For those who aren’t LDS, General Conference is a two-day fiesta of LDS doctrine that is broadcast worldwide from Salt Lake City. I love conference, because I love hearing all the different topics, and it usually makes me want to be a better person. Plus, it’s a Sunday that I can experience church without having to put on a dress.

I usually try to do something fun on Conference Sunday, so tomorrow I’ll be making pumpkin pancakes with maple-pecan syrup. Yum.

Anyway, I wanted to watch conference but didn’t want to put on a dress and go to the church, so I pulled out the necessary cables, and hooked up my laptop to my TV and watched. I’m glad I have a 25 foot phone cord, so my DSL could actually reach from the kitchen to the TV. It worked great! But it was kind of a mess…here’s a look at all the wires. I haven’t seen this many wires hooked up to one thing since my dad was in the ICU. 🙂

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